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Taking port infrastructure engineering, dredging and reclamation projects as main businesses before year 2009, PAN ASIA SHIP ENGINEERING CO.,LTD has gained comprehensive experience & rich reputation, especially on operation and maintenance of special types of ships, whereby to build up long-term good relationship with most of Chinese Dredging Departments, ship building yards and design houses.

On 2008, PAN ASIA SHIP ENGINEERING CO.,LTD made great progress on a dredging equipment exporting project, seizing it as a very important opportunity, PAN ASIA SHIP ENGINEERING CO.,LTD has set up its own international trading department specially for shipping and at the meantime, recruiting more capable personnel and adding in more qualifications.

For the sake of simplifying the formalities of receiving the payment while doing inter...
85.8m conveyor barge
7000t self-unloading sand barge
2700t self-suction self-unloading sand barge
3900cbm self-suction self-unloading sand barge
1000t coal deck barge
1300cbm split hopper barge
1000cbm hopper barge 228
4.2cbm backhoe dredger
3000t self propelled barge
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