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Taking port infrastructure engineering, dredging and reclamation projects as main businesses before year 2009, PAN ASIA SHIP ENGINEERING CO.,LTD has gained comprehensive experience & rich reputation, especially on operation and maintenance of special types of ships, whereby to build up long-term good relationship with most of Chinese Dredging Departments, ship building yards and design houses.

On 2008, PAN ASIA SHIP ENGINEERING CO.,LTD made great progress on a dredging equipment exporting project, seizing it as a very important opportunity, PAN ASIA SHIP ENGINEERING CO.,LTD has set up its own international trading department specially for shipping and at the meantime, recruiting more capable personnel and adding in more qualifications.

For the sake of simplifying the formalities of receiving the payment while doing international trading, PAN ASIA SHIP ENGINEERING CO.,LTD has registered and set up a branch in HK on 2010.

On 2012, by investing into Hubei E¡¯Zhou Ship Building Yard, PAN ASIA SHIP ENGINEERING CO.,LTD becomes one of the shareholders whereby our capability of providing international trading and consultancy service of used engineering ships is further improved and strengthened. With the support of the cooperated ship building yard as well as the design houses, we are capable to take new build orders with some specific requirements quested or even upgrade the old design on our own.

Our advantages are in special ships including chemical oil tanker (1000t up to 11000t), self-unloading barge (500t up to 12000t), cutter suction dredger (500cbm up to 4500cbm), split hopper barge (500cbm up to 3000cbm), backhoe dredger (3cbm up to 8cbm) as well as grab dredger.

On 2013, by providing transshipment ships to some Indonesian and Vietnamese miners, we successfully extend our business from shipping to coal and iron ore importing business.

Our Cooperated shipyard locates at the southern bank, downstream of Yangtze River, along with the deep water bay (during dry season still maintain over 14.5m water depth) in E¡¯Zhou city, Hubei province.

Shipyard¡¯s registered capital is RMB80,000,000. Facilities like 40m¡Á 170m ¡Á 85 tons gantry crane, 7 fixed berths, 100m in diameter rotating crane, 6 tons cranes, covering an area of 36,750 square meters. Equipped with 7 tons of forklift truck, 16 tons of Truck Crane 2 units, 1 flat car, transport equipment etc. Workshops are separated as CNC cutting & CNC bending workshop, painting workshop, 4 sand blasting workshops, together with 320T oil press machine, shearing machine, 25mm CNC bending machine, milling machine, CNC cutting machine, CNC bending machine and other large equipments. More than 200 sets of automatic submerged arc welding, carbon dioxide gas protection welding machine, argon arc welding machine and other advanced welding equipment. 10 sets of non-destructive testing and other testing equipment. The quay is capable to berth two units of 10000-ton ships.

Advantage ship types including the following:
1. Chemical oil tanker (1000tons up to 11000tons)
2. Self-unloading barges for mine (500tons up to 12000tons)
3. Cutter suction dredger (500cbm up to 4500cbm)
4. Split hopper barge (500cbm up to 3000cbm)
5. Backhoe dredger & grab dredger (3cbm up to 8cbm)

Up to now, we¡¯ve successfully built and delivered
15 units of barges to Holland clients,
2 units of 6250t BV chemical oil tankers to Greek clients,
2 units of 3200t chemical oil tankers also to Greek clients
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